The MUSIC DEPARTMENT is busy getting ready for our trip to Nelson, BC on April 10th, 11th and 12th to participate in the Cantando Music Festival! This is a 3 day non-competitive festival designed for North American music programs (concert bands and wind ensembles, orchestras, jazz ensembles and choirs) to enhance their skills and meet other musicians. CCHS will be taking the concert and jazz band to participate. 


Here’s what we have coming up at a glance:

·       April 10th-12th -Trip to Nelson, BC

·       May 13th- Spring Concert

·       May 23rd-Grad Weekend 

·       The Raven Awards in June.



We will hold our annual SPRING CONCERT on May 13th in the CCHS Theatre. The concert band, jazz band, CCHS choir and a few other acts will all perform for the last time this year. Everyone is encouraged to come out to see what our music students have been up to! Invite everyone you know!


The concert band will be playing Pomp and Circumstance and the choir will be singing O Canada for the GRADUATION ceremony on Friday evening, May 23rd at CCHS in the gym.

The RAVEN AWARDS will be presented in June. This event is in memory of the late Tony VanderLee and was started to promote the arts in our school. Every year, awards are given to our talented students who are involved in drama, foods, media and design, art, mechanics, woodworking and music. Some of our students will be asked to perform and show off their skills during the event. Everyone is asked to come out to this event to see the impact and importance that the arts have on so many of our students.

Ms. Gerrior


Weekly Drama Performances

Weekly Drama Performances take place at LUNCH in the CCHS Theatre - Come Join Us for a lunch hour of fun and frivolity!

Drama 20/30

The fall Drama Classes have begun work on three separate plays.

Drama 20/30's have already begun work on 3 plays; under the direction of Caroyn Yonge; Saturday Night Newtown, Sunday Enmore. A comedy skit about love, and how it can be found in the oddest places. Saturday Night, will be showing in the CCHS theatre wednesday October 29th at 11:45 am, with a follow up show in early December. 

Also, under the Direction of Neil Ferguson a contemporary/modern look at shakespeare, casting has begun and it will be presented early December.

And rehearsals have begun for Frankenstein, with colab direction by the students.