Work Experience

Grade 9 Work Study Pilot Program


We believe that teachers can enhance learning by creating opportunities for students to experience the real world of work.  With more work knowledge, students can increase their motivation for learning, make better educational choices, and smooth the transition to life after high school.  Canmore Collegiate High School (CCHS) would like to establish partnerships with businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and industries in the Bow Valley to provide short-term work placements for our 14 and 15 year old students.

To Learn more about this program and how you can become involved, please follow the link here.


So... what is Work Experience anyway??

The Work Experience program allows students to develop valuable work skills with a work site in the community becoming the “classroom”. Students who presently have part-time jobs may be able to use them as their work placement.

Work experience lets students:

Work Experience is available at the 15, 25 and 35 levels: 3 to 10 credits may be earned at each level, based on 25 hours of work per credit. Once a work site is approved and a learning plan is developed, the student, employer and work experience co-ordinator work together to facilitate and demonstrate the student’s growth.

At CCHS students complete the prerequisite module for Work Experience during CALM in grade 10. Students can then register directly in Work Experience. Students who do not have the module CTR1010: Job Preparation complete and independent study package so they can do Work Experience.

Work Experience is arranged to suit the individual student: please see Ms. Halkier in Student Services for further information.