Grade 11 going to Grade 12 (Fall 2019)

April 28, 2020 - Please complete course selection by May 8,2020

Hello families, this page has all the information you need to register for grade 12 classes in the Fall of 2020. Normally we would welcome students and families in person here at CCHS to meet and discuss the coming grade 12 year. Unfortunately this year given the COVID 19 situation, this has not been possible. While we have attempted to make this a user friendly guide for you, we recognize that you may still have questions. This is natural and we encourage you to feel free to contact either (Principal), (Asst. Principal), (counselor) with any questions you may have. As we move through this process of registration, we will also develop a FAQ and post it here to help. We know that better days will come and we look forward to that time when we can open our doors and welcome families and your students into our school. Until that time, please use the following information to begin the journey. 

Please Note - Because we are not in school doing registrations - please complete both the Grade 12 Course Selection Google Form and Course selection form on parent portal (both denoted with an **)

  • Registration Information video here.  (Table of Contents for Video here )
  • Registration Slideshow referenced in the Registration video. - Welcome to Grade 12 
  • Grade 10-12 Registration Handbook - available online.
  • Student Friendly Course Selection Pathway here
  • **Grade 12 Course Selection Google Form here 
  • Paper version of Course Selection Sheet for grade 12-  here
  • **Students can access the online course selection through parent portal here. Once in Parent/Student Portal, please select the "Class Registration" Button.
  • Dual Credit course descriptions are here. ** Subject to change - up to date list available in Fall 2020 (pls. check with Mr. Holthuis/Ms. Janse or Mr. Rogers)
  • Grad Handbook for 2021. This includes how to create your Grad Plan.
  • Grade 12 Confirmation of understanding for Grad Plan is here.


Follow through the course selection screen and select the appropriate course by clicking on the pencil icon for each subject.

Select the course and hit ok.