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Student Attendance

Regular attendance is extremely important to enable a student to achieve the highest possible standing relative to his/her abilities. Section 12 of the School Act states....

“A student shall attend school regularly and punctually.”, Section 13 of the School Act states, "An individual who is younger than 16 years of age, shall attend school.” Notwithstanding that, a student is excused from attending school on a day on which the school is open if

  1. the student is unable to attend by reason of sickness or other unavoidable cause,
  2. the day is recognized as a religious holiday by the religious denomination to which the student belongs,
  3. the principal of the school has suspended the student from school and the suspension is still in effect,
  4. the student is expelled from a school and has not been given permission to enroll in another school 

The responsibility for regular attendance lies with the student and the parent.  Students must also accept the consequences of their actions should they choose not to accept this responsibility. Students have an obligation to contribute to, as well as benefit from, the learning experience. Irregular attendance curtails a student’s ability to contribute, and often hinders the progress of the class.

Monitoring Procedure

Parents must phone the school to report excused absences (678-6192 then press 1 for the absentee line). Parents are required to phone in advance of the absence if possible; on the day of the absence is acceptable: An absence not called in by parents within 24 hours will be considered unexcused.An electronic phone system will call the home of each student inexcusably absent from one or more classes. Calls are made between the hours of six and nine p.m. Students are responsible for all work missed and in the event of an assignment or test being missed due to an unexcused absence, a mark of 0% may be given.  

In order to promote regular attendance, the school takes the following position for all students:

Parents are asked to contact the school to report excused lates.  For inexcusable absences:  after 3 inexcusable absences (i) notification will be emailed home (ii) after 5 inexcusable absences, a notification will be emailed home and the student will speak with administration (iii) after 7 inexcusable absences the student and parent must meet with administration to discuss the creation of a plan for student success.

An electronic phone system will call the home of each student inexcusably absent from one or more classes.  Calls will be made between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.  Attendance profiles are available at any time and will be sent home as the situation requires.

Students may be withdrawn from a course for not meeting the requirements for success that may include the lack of attendance.  Administration has the right enroll any student as a fulltime Inreach/Outreach student. If a student is directed to become a fulltime Inreach/Outreach student, they may not return to regular classes at CCHS until they demonstrate a commitment to their education by earning a minimum of 15 Credits in that program.  

Student Lates

Students are expected to be on time for all classes. The school schedule allows students sufficient time to get to class on time. Being late disrupts the class. Students, who are excusably late, i.e. medical appointments, should check in at the office. For other lates, students should report directly to their class. Parents may call the school to report lates. The responsibility for dealing with tardiness rests with the teacher. Students who are chronically late will be referred to an administrator.  Repeated tardiness will be considered an attendance problem and will be dealt with according to the Attendance Policy.

Important: It is the responsibility of the teacher to take attendance and record it on the attendance bubble sheets. It is the responsibility of the student who has arrived late to notify the teachers that they have arrived.