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School Council

CCHS Parent Council Goals & Actions

BYLAW 1 – Mission Statement: The mission of the School Council is to support the diverse school community by ensuring information is communicated in a clear, transparent and respectful manner.”. 

*From CCHS Council Bylaws, written and accepted in 2003.

Goal #1:  Utilize Council’s resources to support and broaden the school experience for all students.


  • Funding assistance AED in 2016.2017
  • Offered assistance with the breakfast program as needed


Goal #2: Represent CCHS parent views to CEN and CRPS


  • CEN representative appointed- Alison Andrews and Karen Antrobus
  • CCHS School Council Chair attended Council of Councils meeting
  • Consistent School Council representation at other CRPS meetings ie. Calendar meetings


Goal #3: Recognize and support CCHS staff.


  • Staff appreciation co-coordinators Rob Anderson appointed
  • 2 staff appreciation events to be held held:  1. Nov 2017 sponsored by CCHS Parent Council and 2 lunches in June 2018 with invited participation from all CCHS parents (donate $$)


Goal #4:  Promote a safe and healthy school environment.


  • Working collaboratively with Student Council to promote school safety and respect – offering assistance on projects as they arise.


Goal #5:  Promote communication and engagement of parents & community. 


  • Support the annual Bow Valley Elves Campaign – tree with gift tags
  • Offer support for the seniors lodge garden initiative with Bow Valley Elves