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School Council

CCHS Parent Council Goals & Actions - Working Document

BYLAW 1 – Mission Statement: The mission of the School Council is to support the diverse school community by ensuring information is communicated in a clear, transparent and respectful manner.”. 

*From CCHS Council Bylaws, written and accepted in 2003.

Working Document - CCHS Annual Planning and Goals 2023/2024


  1. Move from a traditional role to an advisory role.
  2. Improve engagement with the school community.
  3. Improve relationship with school.
  4. Improve/build relationships with First Nations community, GSA (and other diverse communities)



  • Move from a traditional role to an advisory role.



  • Create an onboarding plan, delegating roles to school council members.
  • Participate in CCHS annual education plan.
  • Develop review process of past year.
  • Create dialogue with CRPS board members to break down barriers.

Measurable – Increase in parent participation/satisfaction in monthly meetings. Seeing a larger

representation of stakeholders reaching the school council to discuss issues related to the school.



  1. Create a school council handbook with general information and responsibilities for specific roles and responsibilities. Committee to create a handbook.
  2. Update by-laws
  3. Create monthly agendas which provide opportunity for parent’s members to be part of the dialogue and advise.
  4. Schedule meetings with a board trustee on how meetings and plans are progressing.

Realistic: By defining roles and responsibilities will guide new members on the purpose of school council.Will create a more cohesive environment year to year. Participation in the school annual education plan will provide a parent engagement to represent the school community.



September 2023, schedule course with ASCA: Managing School Council Meeting

By-law – obtain assistance with a lawyer or ASCA in summer.

Handbook: Create committee in May June. Have a rough draft prior to October AGM.

Schedule meetings with the board trustee for July and December.


  1. Improve engagement with the school community.


  • Opportunities for parents on school council to speak/present at school events, meetings, and information nights.
  • Putting a face to school council
  • Have parent members lead plan/discuss community engagement opportunities.
  • Fill CEN position


Measurable: Seeing an increase in parents contacting members of the school council directly. See update of handbooks on website.



  1. Create more effective monthly agendas – ease in creating focus committees.
  2. Plan open houses with the principal.
  3. Contact Bow Valley community – parent members participating in choosing relevant speakers.
  4. Create education opportunities with ASCA.
  5. Meet and greet breakfast. Plan participation and inform the community on informal opportunities to chat with school council members.
  6. Activate a Facebook group
  7. School Council participation in newsletter information.
  8. Document proper protocol and access to school council email – access and use.
  9. Website – discuss who and when it will be updated.
  10. Handbooks – who and when will they be updated.
  11. School council/teacher meet and greet.


Realistic: Updating handbooks, improving website (with school council input), and creating new

communication forums will increase opportunities for parents to reach out to school council members and better represent the community. Having a variety of opportunities to put a face to school council members and discuss issues with them will assist in supporting school goals and programs.


  • To discuss with Brian Callaghan regarding communication specialist: Facebook, website, email, newsletter. Who can meet with Brian Callaghan in May/June 2023 to set up. ACTION
  • To discuss with Chris Rogers May 2023 meeting: website, dates of next open houses.
  • Discuss newsletter process with Chris to ensure timing of information is provided – prior to September.
  • Fill CEN position at fall AGM
  • Committee for Handbook - ACTION


  1. Improve relationships with school


  • Regular conversations between principal and co-chairs. Either scheduled or morning breakfasts
  • Create an annual timeline: open houses, school annual plan, budget, awards, assurance surveys,construction projects, curriculum changes.
  • Meetings encourage two-way conversations. Not presentations.


Measurables: transparency on school timelines – annual benchmarks: Is school council informed on timing of annual plan, construction projects, assurance surveys, awards, budget, changes to curriculum.



  1. To discuss with the school Principal,Superintendent of Schools, Board Trustees. Is there a time the School Council can participate in the school annual planning?


  • To discuss - Create an elastic timeline: school schedule, budget, awards, grad, education planning, awards,graduation, events. Ect. ACTION
  • Increase participation at morning breakfasts. Schedule school council members every 2nd month.
  • 4-year plan to discuss prior to Christmas. ACTION


  1. Build Relationships with the first nations community/GSA (diverse community)


  • Parent council representative works/discusses with Annabel Preece/Chris Rogers. ACTION
  • Support GSA recognition in the school
  • Make personal connections with group representatives.
  • Communication of changes at commencement

Measurables: Parents on school council build a relationship with indigenous community.

Have students attend school council meetings (not just present)



  1. Approval of pride flag by School Board prior to pride week – September 15-18 (Canmore)
  2. Annabel Preece/Chris Rogers reach out to school council representatives when indigenous representatives may be at the school.


Realistic: More inclusive representation which includes indigenous, GSA and other minority groups. Pride flag acceptance. Creates acceptance and a safer environment.



  • Pride flag – June 2023 approval
  • Introduction to indigenous representative – September