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Post-Secondary Planning Information


October 1- January 31 application; self report marks for courses in progress and courses to be taken in the second semester; Apply before December 1 to be considered for university entrance scholarships.
Send a transcript upon application completion; Indicate courses in progress and courses that you are taking in the second semster.
October- November apply for national scholarships.
February and July Send transcripts using MYPASS.
Check your email weekly for updates from the university; Accept offer; Decline other offers.
In April and May attend course selection workshops or open houses.
Apply for residence or secure housing

Apply before Dec.1 for start dates the following Sept.

Fees vary so have a credit card available and your Alberta Student Number (ASN) found on all report cards. Good luck!  
Ontario schools may need the Alberta Education course codes

Links & Resources

Campus Tours

Campus Tours has most campuses in Canada  Check out Youtube. Make sure it is an offical clip

UBC: video link   
U of Waterloo:
video link

Most university web sites now have virtual tours of their facilities.Click here for St. Francis Xavier,  You can also look at "Day in the Life of a Student"

Click here for Queens overseas
Click here for U of Regina Music program 
Click here for King's University journalism ( Halifax)
Click here for Marine Institute, Ryerson,  UBC, U of Waterloo.

Click here for the Toronto Film School Click here for Kelowna Centre for the Arts  You can also book tours on most web sites if you can visit a campus Click here  for SAIT Click here for UNB creative writing; Click here for U of A, Emily CarrNSCAD, ACAD

Personal Profile Statements

UBC and Queens now require these short essays regarding the applicants non academic skills.  Applications are considered incomplete without them. Please answer thoroughly as students with high marks only my be rejected because of incomplete responses. Recently U of Waterloo and U of T may also require personal statements or video responses as part of the admissions process. Some schools are wanting to see digital resumes.  Check out Zeemee a self marketing site.

Studying in the USA

Most colleges and universities require a standardized writing score from SAT or ACT. Canadians have to write the Math/Science section and Reading Comprehension sections Each school sets their own range of scores that is acceptable. The Common Application allows a student to apply to 400 different schools. Indivdual schools may independently control their own enrolments so check the school of interest's web site.  Tuition varies widely from U$30,000- 80,000 /yr.  Please insure adequate medical insurance.

Deferring Admission

Some post secondary institutions allow deferred entry up to one year.  The student cannot attend any other post secondary institution.  Each institution sets their own policies regarding deferrals.  Please see the side bar for examples for U of Victoria and UBC.  Some other schools like U of Calgary do not accept deferrals.  Students have to reapply for the following year and may risk losing their acceptance if the GPA has increased for the desired field of study in the desired year of entry.

Private Schools

Many private schools provide innovative programs not offered at government sponsored universities and/ or their delivery methods of instruction may be different.

Since they are for profit institutions tuition is significantly higher than public sponsored schools.  Here are some samples

Aviation/ Heavy equipment

Mountainview HelicoptersIHE Heavy equipment operation ;Air Flight Steward;


HAIR and Make up Schools

One Beauty Academy; Aveda  ;Artists Within  


PixelblueA college of and technology

Vancouver area

Vancouver Film School     Quest University  One classs at a time   Trinity Western University Christian focussed;  WAS Mountain Adventure

Thinktank   3 D art/animation for Film and Games    
Lost Boys  animation    
 Kelowna Centre for the Arts and Technology animation, photography, studio, production, design, Web development;
Blanche Macdonald for Estectics, ,make up, Fashion, Design Hair

Recording Connection      
School Creative Photography, animation, screen writing  
Vada Studios acting intensives
All body Laser  tattoo removal

Toronto area

Max the Mutt animation  Randolph Academy (musical theatre-triple threat) Toronto Film School
Noize Faktory  Offcentredj

Quebec                                                   Singapore                                        Paris

Cirque Du Soliel school                          3dense Media School                  Paris College of Art

Taking a year off.

Consider some structure here are some sites
Rustic Pathways traveling and volunteering around the world
Study and Go abroad ; Working Abroad Magazine  ; MyGapYear
WWoofing ( working on oragnic farms)
Working in Israel Kibbutz
Students for Africa live and work in South Africa