Inspiring Hearts and Minds

Career exploration can be done on various sites.  Assessments of interest, aptitiude, and skill sets can be done.  Some sites offer linkages to programs to pursue a field of study. Individual counselling is done by psychologists in Calgary on a fee/service contract.  Universities and colleges may also offer this service. The CALM program within our school division does also support Career explorations for our students. Here are some sites

Click here for the Alberta Government web site...LOOK under Career Explorers Or OCCinfo

Click here for Alberta Government web site;Career testing

Click here for Trades Information

Click herefor Youth Services -Federal site

Click here for Idea Generator Sheridan College

Click here for Alberta Student Loans

Click here for Canada Student loans

Click here for Campus Starter explore post secondary programs by theme or province

Click Here for A Time to Choose Alberta Certficate,Diploma Degrees, Apprenticeships

Click here for U of Calgary program search based uipon aptitude/learning style

Click here for resumes

Click Here for myworkquest for Career guidance

Click here for cybermentor for girls grades 6 - 12

Click here for Underwater Welding

Click here for Drone operations

Click here for Cirque Du Soleil

Click here for SAIT Paramedics

Click here for Firefighter

Click here for Funeral Director

Click here for Marine Biology

Click here for Eco Canada environmental programs/jobs

Click here for Canadian Secruities course

Click here for Computer Science vs Computer Engineering vs Software Engineering
Click here for artifical intelligence

Click here for  Environmental Sceince UNB

Click here for Golf Club Management Old College

Click here for Humber College Business, Music, 3D modeling, Computer Game Design, Theatre, Fashion
Click here for career finder

Click here for Encounters with Canada- explore themed weeks in Ottawa

Click here for Explore- summer French Immersion

Click here for Forum- debates in Ottawa; students interested in Law

Click here for Shad Valley- summer program for students interested in Business

Click here for Fashion New York; Olds College  ; LaSalle Vancouver

Click here for Interior Design Lethbridge College ; Mt Royal   ;Ryerson-Toronto

Click here for helicopter pilot training ;Pilot training  ; Flight Attendant training ; Click here for Air Traffic Control

Click here for Real Estate courses

Click here for Insurance brokers

Click here for Out of Province Universities