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CCHS Grad Update Page

Latest GRAD UPDATE: Monday June 14, 2021

Hello Grads of 2021. Please check your student emails for an update on the Cap and Gown ceremony on June 28.



Latest GRAD UPDATE: Wednesday June 9, 2021


Dear Graduates of 2021 and Parents

We would like to now confirm with you the format for the 2021 CCHS Graduation Ceremony.  We have consulted with key stakeholders in this year’s graduation including our Grade 12 students, parents, school staff, and Alberta Health Services.  Together we have worked to come up with an event that will be a celebration that best meets our community’s requests while adhering to the gathering restrictions that have been outlined by Alberta Health Services. 


On Wednesday May 26, the Alberta Government announced our “Open for Summer,” plan.  We are currently in Phase 1 of that plan.  The details of our commencement ceremony plans in this letter are based on the understanding that we will move into Phase 2 by our intended date.   We understand at this time that Phase 2 will allow us to have a ceremony with a maximum of 150 people.  It’s important that we stay well within these limits.  It is our current understanding that the Alberta Government will announce plans for Phase 2 close to June 10.  Please note that if we remain in Phase 1, we will be required to send out a contingency plan.  

Date of CCHS Graduation Ceremony: Monday June 28

Time:  Ceremony #1 : 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Ceremony #2: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Ceremony #3: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Students will be grouped into one of the three ceremonies and families will be notified of your graduate’s ceremony time.  Our Grad committee has already reached out to students to provide them with an opportunity to request friends that they would like to celebrate and be grouped with.  We ask that students understand that organizing them into three groups will present its challenges, however we will do our best to honour their wishes.  

The ceremony will take place at Canmore Collegiate High School /Rec. Centre parking lot. The Town of Canmore has generously offered to support our commencement ceremony by giving us exclusive access to the area for the June 28, 2021 ceremony.

Due to current covid restrictions in place for Phase II reopening we will have a smaller version of the parking lot Grad from last year, so each grad can have one vehicle with 3 guests in the car. This will allow families to be close to the stage and to exit the vehicle to watch the ceremony without exceeding the 150 person limitations associated with stage 2 restrictions for outdoor events. Although the restrictions may lift we must make plans based on what we know will happen. That being said,  should restrictions lift then more family members would be able to attend in the parking lot BUT we would maintain the groupings of 30 students as the alternative has many more requirements to make it possible.

Please note that we have hired a professional videographer to compile all ceremonies as a part of a complete commencement video to share with students and families. The release date will hopefully be July 1st.

Location: Canmore Collegiate High School /Recreation Parking Lot.

Guests: 3 - please note guests should be considered members of the same household.  Please use discretion when selecting your graduates’ guests.


Ceremony Proceedings:

Collectively, the CCHS community needs to adhere to the following proceedings to ensure that we maintain social distance to support the protocols that AHS has shared that our school must follow.  


At the beginning of each ceremony: 

1) Prior to your graduate’s ceremony:  In order to support effective contract tracing, we ask that graduates and families refrain from gathering prior to and immediately after their scheduled graduation.  As a reminder, this is a school event, and graduates are expected to 

honour regular school rules and expectations at the ceremony. Please note if we feel a student is incapable of responsibly participating in the ceremony ( eg. they have been drinking) the student will forfeit their opportunity to participate.


2) Cap, Gown, Stole  Pick Up: Graduates will pick up their cap and gown in the CCHS main atrium between 1:00 and 3:00 on Wednesday June 23.  On the day of our ceremony students will gather at a staging area directly in front of CCHS main entrance.  We ask that our graduates arrive at the staging area 30 minutes prior to their ceremony start time.


3) Guests: Are welcome to arrive at the same time.  We ask that guests please follow the direction of our staff doing traffic controls in the Rec. Parking lot. Families should stay close to their vehicles and maintain social distancing from other family households.


4) After the ceremony: Once our graduation ceremony has concluded students and families are asked to please exit the parking lot so we may reset for the next ceremony and to ensure that we maintain the social distancing protocols in place.


Poor Weather Contingency 

In the event of inclement weather, we will have tent coverage for our students.  Families will need to dress appropriately for the conditions. For safety reasons, we will proceed with an outdoor ceremony.  


Health Regulations that MUST be compiled with:

  • Maintain social distancing of 2 metres between people who do not live in the same household
  • All participants must wear a mask throughout the ceremony.  Graduates will be asked to unmask for pictures only.
  • Do not attend if you are currently required to self-isolate
  • Do not attend if you are feeling unwell and have the symptoms of COVID-19
  • No food or drink can be served
  • No sharing microphones
  • Please be sure to do the AHS daily checklist before attending the event

Further Details:

Because we are celebrating our graduation in three ceremonies , a professional video will be  produced.  This will be a special record that each graduate will have to cherish and share.  A professional videographer has been hired to film our ceremony and compile a video of the whole event. This video will be digitally released on July 1.  This will be shown at a class of 2021 celebration.  Plans for the class of 2021 celebration will be shared directly through a separate parent committee.


Family Celebration:

This event will be organised by the parent committee.  This class of 2021 celebration is being organised by the parent committee and is not a CCHS event. This group has already been in contact with students and families. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the ceremony.  If you have any questions or concerns about our planning process, please don’t hesitate to contact Hans Holthuis (  or Chris Rogers  ( by email, or phone (403) 678-6192.   



Chris Rogers -Principal

Hans Holthuis - Assistant Principal




Latest GRAD UPDATE: May 10, 2021

Dear grade 12 families,

Our grade 12 students are now in the final quarter of this school year and some of our learners have already completed the requirements of an Alberta High School Diploma.  We recognize how significant this accomplishment is for our students and families. Our school based committee continues to meet to explore how we will safely celebrate graduation for the class of 2021.  

At this time, we are under increased restriction as a part of Alberta Health's “A Path Forward Plan.”  This means that outdoor gatherings continue to be restricted to groups of 5 people and indoor gatherings are currently prohibited.  While health restrictions force us to develop an alternative ceremony we are committed to appropriately honouring the class of 2021.

The purpose of this letter is to inform families of our current understandings and timelines for finalizing plans for this year’s graduation ceremony. 


Proposed Timelines Moving Forward

  • Student Voice: Recently on May 6, our Graduation Committee coordinators (Ms. Anderson and Ms. Bittner) met with students and parents of the Graduation Committee  to comfortably share their thoughts, and assess what options are available to us as we move into June.
  • Proposed Plan: 
    • The graduation committee determined that given the covid restrictions in place, our graduation class would not be moving forward with the Graduation Banquet at the Malcolm Hotel in June.  Some parents have offered to try and arrange a banquet for the Grads this summer if Covid restrictions lift.
    • Commencement exercises will take place in CCHS. A stage will be set up in the school gym ( Graduation Committee will decorate this area) and one student at a time (accompanied by their family) will enter the gym and cross the stage ( Given Covid restrictions - we may have as many as 2-3 family groups at a time in the gym). Students will be videotaped as they cross the stage in their Cap and Gown and Lifetouch will also take a Graduation photo at this time.
    • As mentioned above, students will be issued a Cap and Gown for the Commencement Ceremony. The Cap and Gown will be purchased, allowing families to take their own photos with students in their Commencement Cap and Gown.
    • We have also hired a videographer who will record the video of students crossing the stage and any speeches (Valedictorian, Asst. Principal, Principal etc..). This video will then be edited and released at a later date ( to be announced - we hope June 30th) allowing families to gather and watch the ceremony as a complete event.
    • Parents are organizing a graduation car parade to celebrate graduation. This will not be connected with the school’s official Commencement exercises, and time,date, place information will be forthcoming.
  • Proposed Dates for the Ceremony:  In order to support family planning, we have determined that our ceremony(s)will take place over two days of June 28 and June 29. 


Participation in the ceremony

In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, students need to meet the Alberta Education requirements to earn a high school diploma, or certificate of school completion by June, 30. Student achievement will be projected based upon course progress on June 4, 2021.  Students can determine their progress towards graduation by using Alberta Education’s MyPass website or in consultation with Ms. Janse or Mr. Holthuis.







Latest GRAD UPDATE: March 26, 2021

Grad Wear 2021 Hoodies  and Crew Neck - Order yours now!

Here a link to the form: Order Form Here. Please complete and bring to the CCHS Main Office. Note you can pay by using Tap Pay at the CCHS Main Office.





 'Owagisagabi Muhach' meaning 'I am resilient, I am determined'


*Please note that the design on the tops will be white with no black background





Grey (heathered)










Latest GRAD UPDATE: March 08, 2021

Grad Superlatives --- " Who is most likely to run away to the circus. Who is most likely to return to CCHS as a teacher.... and more. Have your say by completing the google form below.






Latest GRAD UPDATE: January 8, 2021

GRAD Baby Photos and Quotes - Click Here to share your information 


Latest GRAD UPDATE: November 9, 2020

Grad Portrait Sittings November 27,30 - Dec.1, 2 & 3 @ CCHS - Information on Booking your Portrait Sitting available here. This link will take you to the booking page.Please Note: If Grads want a photo session that may involve an image that falls outside Prestige Photography Acceptable image policy (eg.. picture with family pet) , students must see Mr. Rogers in advance of the sitting to receive approval and a signed authorization form to bring to your Portrait Sitting. Forms are available here.



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